I. transport trans‧port 1 [ˈtrænspɔːt ǁ -ɔːrt] noun [uncountable] TRANSPORT
1. the process or business of moving goods from one place to another by rail, air, ship etc:

• One of the biggest growth areas was transport, with revenues up 80%.

ˌsurface ˈtransport
TRANSPORT the transport of goods by road or rail
2. TRANSPORT TRAVEL a system for carrying passengers or goods from one place to another; = transportation AmE:

• Today, there are greater opportunities for profits from export, with the advantages of modern transport.

• Regions with good transport links and a high quality workforce will be at a competitive advantage in bidding for inward investment.

ˌpublic ˈtransport TRAVEL
buses, trains etc that are available for everyone to use; = public transportation AmE:

• By investing in public transport, we can transform commuters' lives and create a cleaner environment.

  [m0] II. transport trans‧port 2 [trænˈspɔːt ǁ -ɔːrt] verb [transitive] TRANSPORT
to take goods from one place to another by rail, air, ship etc:

• The crops are transported down the Mississippi River for export.

* * *

transport UK US /ˈtrænspɔːt/ noun [U] (US also transportation) TRANSPORT
a system of vehicles, for example buses, trains, and aircraft, for getting from one place to another: »

Future economic growth may be damaged by the failure of the Treasury to invest in the UK's transport infrastructure.


Improved transport links for rural communities are part of the Party's latest manifesto.


Effective passenger transport systems are essential for European economies.


People are being encouraged to try local transport for short journeys.


road/rail/air transport


transport systems/services/networks


a transport group/company/business


the transport sector/industry


the transport department/minister/secretary

a form/means/mode of transport »

In recent years, there has been an enormous increase in air traffic and other forms of transport.

cheap/free transport »

Thanks to cheaper transport, prices across the world have converged.

a vehicle for a person or group of people to use for a particular journey: »

Guests will need their own transport to get to the convention center.

arrange/provide transport »

You will have to arrange your own transport to the airport.

the activity of moving goods or gas, oil, etc. from one place to another: the transport of sth »

Security measures surrounding the transport of export-bound oil have been heightened in the wake of the recent disaster.

See also PUBLIC TRANSPORT(Cf. ↑public transport), SURFACE TRANSPORT(Cf. ↑surface transport)
transport UK US /trænˈspɔːt/ verb [T] TRANSPORT
to move goods or gas, oil, etc. from one place to another: »

We will stick firmly to bilateral agreements when transporting energy to world markets.

be transported to/from/by »

Natural gas can be frozen and liquefied, allowing it to be transported to regions lacking in supplies.

to take people from one place to another on a bus, train, plane, etc.: be transported to/from/by »

Passengers were transported from the immobilized jet to a spare aircraft.

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